Glassy eyes and tongue sticking out?

I'm a first time mom and have a few concerns about my newborn who is 15 days old. She sometimes sticks her tongue out, it doesn't stay out but sometimes when she's gassy pushing hard, or just sitting there her tongue will come out. She also has what I would call a glassy look to her eyes. Could she have vision issues?? I wasn't concerned until a family member actually asked if it was possible if she had Down syndrome because her tongue sometimes sticks out or if she was blind because of the "glassy/oil like look in her eyes". Any advice?? She has a doc appt on Monday and I'll be bringing it up there. I also had the non-invasive test in the beginning of my pregnancy that ruled out Down Syndrome but family member said they can still be diagnosed up until a few months after birth. Anyone notice the same thing with their newborns?? Am I stressing out over family member comment over nothing??