17 and want a baby


I know I'm young and for the past month I've been trying to push it out of my head of wanting a baby but I just can't I'm hoping someone can help. Or maybe tell me its okay to have a baby.

So from the beginning I meet my fiancé at 13 he was 17 not soon after we started to have sex and when we were 5 months together I got pregnant but soon after at 7-8 weeks I miscarried I went on birth control for 2 years but hated going to get the shot it always reminded me I miscarried so I stopped at this point I was now 15 and always thought it took one year to get the depo out of your system but three months later I fell pregnant again in my mind I already knew I'd miscarry again and did at 6 weeks I didn't go back on depo and 3 months later was told I couldn't have a child if I didn't go on depo for 6 months I decided well no need foe that since I'm not trying to have a child I used the pull out method and for 6 months never got pregnant but then again I fell pregnant again and loss it again and I just want a baby I want to enjoy everything about a baby that includes the long nights and as far a finance we are ready. Opinions?