Horrible situation

So my boyfriend whom I'm trying to end things with, we have a 6 mo old baby together. He's extremely controlling, has major trust issues, always angry, has put his hands on me but says he hasn't, shouldn't even be living with me but won't leave. I tell him I don't wanna be together and he gets mad and yells at me in my face with my son in my hands. I'm torn up in what to do .. I wanna file for custody? Do I get a restraining order?

I've been trying to go out of town for just two nights for my moms birthday, she said I could bring my son. My bf said no, that he's the father and has rights . Said he'd call the cops ..

does he have a right to do that over me ? Can he do anything like that if I was to leave with my son ??

He threatens me all the time . He's already in the cps system for his bad anger and pushing me ..

Help!!!!!!!!! :( I just wanna leave but he's telling me I can't and him and his mom gang up on me :(