That awkward moment when your mom...


My mom is looking into finding me a gynecologist so I can get on BC because of my horrible period symptoms, and today she asked me to be honest with her about my sex life for the sole purpose of my health... She claimed she wouldn't be mad if I told her I was having sex with my girlfriend, so I told her. I'm 16, me and my girlfriend were both virgins before each other and neither of us have had any history of STD's or STI's, and she obviously can't get me pregnant, so I figured why not.

The rest of the evening, she acted as if she was disgusted with me and avoided me. I don't know how to talk to her, because she already was fairly judgmental of me and my girlfriend being together in the first place since we got together a year ago.

Me and my girlfriend both feel ready for it, and we're safe about it and communicate, so I don't really see a problem I guess ????

If anyone has thoughts on this please comment 💖✨