Help me please I'm so scared I'm only 13 help I don't know what to do!!' Please help

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So here is the story. On my last period (which was my 4th period ever) I started getting really really real bad cramps like I vomit 2 times fate and everything was like I needed glasses! I did not tell my mum that I had my period because she starts crying every time I say I'm on my period. But then she found out because i fated and vomit ect. I was crying bc of my cramps and ect. And <a href="">eve</a> ( or what ever this app is called) is saying I will be having my period again in 15 days and my mum is on holidays for 2 months. And when I get my period I will be having bad cramps again and I don't know how to make it stop, last time when I had cramps my mum gave me period tables that made it stop as quick as my wifi and a heat pack but she never showed me how to do anything thing like how to heat up the heat packs and what tales to take. And she's on holiday now. And i don't know how to deal with cramps and how to deal my period at school how to deal with no heat pack nothing at school/home. Helppp and my dad has no clue........ help me please I'm so scared. WHAT DO I DO!!!!