Preterm Labor


I am 33 weeks prego and I have been telling my doctor for the last month that I have been having occasional period like cramping. I told them I'm having them everyday for maybe 2-3 min and they have been progressing each day. The doctor blew me off and said your fine.

So Friday rolls around and I'm at work having horrible period like cramping but then they are in my lower back. At first they were just annoying then they started to be come really uncomfortable so I left work called my doctor, at first my doctor said sounds like round ligament, I about ripped her head off threw the phone. I had to explain to her I've had those pains the whole pregnancy this is not normal and basically said I'm going to the hospital send them my records.

They checked me in, at first they didn't see any contractions. After about 30 min they found sporadic contractions lasting 30 seconds ever few min. They gave me a shot to stop the contractions and man when they say it will speed up your heart rate they are not joking.

After about 10 minutes my contractions stop, 2 hours later they gave me the option they said well your having 3 contractions and hour of you want you can go home or stay here to be monitored. I chose to sleep in my own bed.

Contractions have stayed at 3 an hour until this morning at 3 am. They started at 4 an hour with horrible back cramps. Doctor said don't come in unless you hit 5 an hour. So now I'm waiting to hit 5 before I can be admired again :/

They did a urine test to check for a UTI they said it looked clean but they want to do a culture and those results won't be in for a few days so they started me

On meds anyways hoping it would calm my uterus down. At this rate I have all signs of pre term labor except my cervix is closed and not trying to dilate.

Hopefully little dude will hold on a few more weeks but I'm feeling like he's trying to make an early entrance.