I married an entitled little prick

Let me preface this with I love me husband, but his parents failed at raising somebody who could properly adult.
He's always been on the lazy side. Can't clean up after himself, doesn't do his laundry, likes to lay around all day.
He does work 40 hours a week, but that is about the entirety of what he does. I always worked before I had a kid, but once she was born 9 months ago I became a SAHM.
We not have the 9 month old as well as 9 pets in the house.
He expects me to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, cleaning, childcare, feeding of three animals, cleaning up after the animals, grocery shopping, and anything else that comes up. I hired a gardener so he wouldn't have to worry about doing the yard work.
I asked him today and he flat out said "I'm the only one working, I bring on the money, and you do everything else." 
I mean he never even watches his own damn child! He expects me to make him dinner and bring it to him on the couch every night. I have to pack him a lunch for work the next morning. He does NOTHING. He will get in the shower without a towel then call for me to bring him one!
To make matters worse he keeps telling me he is ready to have another kid?
Some advice would be nice. I'll even settle for sympathy at this point 😫