My birth story :3

On Sunday the 22.3.15 at 6.43pm I fell in love for the second time. Our be
Early Sunday morning I had contractions but due to being sent home so many times for fluid loss the past few days I decided to wait it out until the pain got worse. I then decided to get up from my nap at 1pm to then have my waters break. 
Didn't manage to get to the hospital till gone 2. At this point I couldn't stand straight because of the pelic pressure. Funny thing Is I was being wheeled through addenbrookes with loads of kids on their taster days staring at me huffing and puffing being pushed a long in the wheelchair :P 
Arrived at room asked for epidural. Kept throwing up. Laid in bed was there literally an hour before I screamed at them that I needed to push. Midwife didn't believe I could be ready to push so quick until she did the speculum to admit she was wrong and told me I was indeed fully dilated and ready to push. I didn't have time for the epidural or any other pain relief apart from gas and air. 
Used the gas and air and then just breathed through the pushing. 
Finally after what seemed like forever (had a very quick labour) 5 hours and 43 minutes of being in labour later at 6.43pm weighing 7 pounds and 3 ounces my beautiful baby boy Tyler Frederick waters was born. I completely fell in love all over again. I'm so lucky :3 <3