Has anyone ever tested positive after 2 weeks of missed AF?!


I had an HSG test done June 10th ... AF was due June 27th ... & she never showed . However , I had spotting & a few other symptoms that I have never had with AF .

I am one of those women that have a 4-5 day AF , and my only PMS symptom is craving chocolate .

But at the moment , I've been having: Dry mouth , mild spotting , tummy aches , sleeping longer , weight gain , mood swings , diarrhea/constipation , & excessive spitting throughout the last two weeks or so.

I took 2 pregnancy tests , Dollar General Cheapies, and both came out negative . Once on the 1st of July and once today, the 9th of July.

I'm not sure what's going on . If it's the HSG , if I didn't ovulate , if I am pregnant ...

I'm beginning to get upset . My fiancé and I have been TTC for over a year; we took a break recently before it took an emotional toll on me ... now we are starting back and this happens!!