Mucus blood in stool docs? Nurses?


Yesterday we ate a low country boil it has messed mine and my fiancé stomach he was puking last night for me it's more bowl issues. Which I already have. I recovered from cdiff about 5 months ago. Which I had the multiple trips of diarrhea mucus with blood and all. Well today and yesterday I have been passing mucus (I have IBS) so I know mucus is normal for me. I also believe I still have some hemorrhoids from my daughter. Well today I went to the bathroom and I passed mucus with maybe less than a penny size of red/pink blood in it. Could this be from the food? I don't want to imagine c diff coming back. Could if just be IBS? Someone please answer soon so I can go to sleep and get some rest without stressing...., 😔😔😔😔