Help with condoms!!!!

Does anyone know a website or smth where I can get free condoms? My s/o and I have no access to condoms yet (as we both have extremely strict parents, and no access to free clinic condoms, and also I have no money for them tbh as I don't have a job sadly). And before u ask, we are both 18/19, and yes we are both grown and our parents shouldn't try to control whether we have safe sex or not, but that's just how life is rn. We don't have a friend we can ask to buy them for us either. Honestly I'm at the point of putting condoms on my amazon wishlist and asking some kind soul to help out lmao

*edit. we both live outside a small town in the south. My s/o has a job, but his job is working at his parents store so they are always around him. There are no buses, neither of our parents trust us enough to drive without them, the only clinic in town has our family members working there who would be happy to tell our parents who came in for condoms that day. Living in a small town that is only populated by bible thumping abstinence teachers kinda makes it hard to get these things when your parents would rather send you to a Jesus camp for your sins of sex before marriage. I asked for information about any websites that could have free condom samples, thanks.