I left that toxic person and I'm so happy I did

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This is what I sent ⬇️

I love the fact how you can so easily cheat like that. But I used to think that there were no Fucking flaws in you and that you were perfect. But now today that shit has changed I saw what everyone else saw you in. You were always my biggest weakness and I was a fucking fool for ever falling for you. I regret the year I spent stressing over you because in the end you never gave a shit about me. I forgave you for all the times you hurt me. I even forgave you when you showed your friend my nudes. I did that because I Fucking loved you more than life itself and I would've Fucking killed for you, I would've walked the ends of the earth for you, I would've done anything for you I would've gave you the world if I could and you knew that.You had to have known. When we broke up I thought it was my fault I thought I did something to make you fall out of love with me. But I was so wrong. I showered you in so much love but you were to selfish to see that. But you love to control me don't you? Im so dumb for even adding you back and falling for you again. I'm so dumb for letting you fuck with my feelings, I'm so dumb for crying over you, and wishing that you would fall back in love with me again. My biggest fear was losing you but I'm not scared of that anymore. When I would hear your name I would always get butterfly's in my stomach and get so happy but now all I feel towards you is hate.I'm now convinced that you hurt the people who truly love you and care about you the most. So thank you for treating me like shit, thank you for all the nights I spent crying myself to sleep because of you, thank you for treating me so horrible because I would've spent a lifetime waiting for you. So goodbye ✌🏻

I'm so proud of myself for doing this. I got so tired of being cheated on and being treated like crap. I hope he realizes what he lost because I stood by his side no matter what.