Don't know why

So I know I'm a bit young (14, 15 in a month). I've never done anything really sexual I still haven't had my first kiss. But there's a guy I talk to everyday and he would send dick pics and I would send tit pics but we'd only do this like once every two weeks. Yesterday we were talking and (he's told me several times before) he said he wants to have sex I've told him no we're too young and I'd rather keep that till when we're towards 18+ and yesterday he's like "I know but I just wish we could do it sooner... maybe while we wait we could make out and maybe some other things" I asked him what other things and he basically said things what all guys want (blow job, finger me, etc). Of course I said no to those and told him I wouldn't be comfortable with those for a long time. He respects it but he keeps trying to bring it up but I shut him down right away. Sorry just needed to rant I haven't told anyone about this and just doing this makes the weight off my shoulders a bit lighter. And I know this is a very stupid thing to do.