Disappearing In-Laws

Karlena • Pregnant with baby #3!! Due Sept. 16, 2015❤️
My in-laws put so much pressure on me to have a boy because I am the only onewho could have a son to carry onthe family name. They would call and check on me and tell me how they know it will be a boy etc.... I wanted a boy too but YIKES... The pressure! When I found out at 14 weeks it was a girl suddenly my in-laws didnt speak to me anymore! They didnt respond to my text or anything! But they called my husband to tell him he only makes girls! No congrats or anything... I know we have 2 girls already but every life is worth celebrating right? Now I dont know how I feel towards them. I really would rather not be around then anymore... Its not like we see them or they call all the time... Am I overreacting?