Cut him off or give him another chance

So I met this guy online and surprisingly found that he actually lives in the same town as I do. We've been messaging for 2 months and met up for a "date" once. On our so called date he shook my hand before and after (not even a hug?!), I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe he's just old fashioned. We still talk and whatever but the impression I get is that he's just incredibly boring! He doesn't want to go out, he'd spend over $600 on a video game prop but won't spend $50 to have drinks and go dancing. His idea of fun is playing pokemon go every single weekend, followed by video games and staying in, and when he does go out it's to "race" derby cars which are basically bumper cars that run on gas (his words). It got to the point where I wasn't even sure what he wanted from me, so I asked him. He said he wants to be friends and if things ever got to the point where we were dating to see where it goes. Am I a total asshole because I think he's too tame for me. He's obviously interested in me as more than a friend but won't "take it there" until he's deemed we're good enough friends. I think it's strange, overly cautious and I'm personally a straight shooter, if we're doing this shit let's do it;we don't have to get married, just don't waste our time! Opinions?