zero sex drive

so I just posted this on a different group but it might be more relevant here... Okay so I used to have a pretty high sex drive and would get off mostly every night. I started seeing someone at the beginning of this year and we would have sex quite often, and my sex drive was still high after it ended at the end of April. However, suddenly in like the past month or so my sex drive has evaporated completely for the first time ever, and the thought of masturbating just bores me? I haven't started any new medication or anything so I'm not sure what could have caused it. I suffer from depression and anxiety but in the past year I have improved tremendously and those thing never affected my sex drive anyway. I had noticed lately more discharge than usual and a much stronger smell but no other symptoms that would suggest a vaginal infection, so I'm sort of at a loss...any insight would be appreciated! (also I'm 20 years old if that provides more context)