Husband rant

I feel like this pregnancy has turned my husband into a monster. He is constantly finding new things to be upset about. I have been sick with horrible morning sickness for 5 weeks and I still have one more week until I hit the second trimester and who knows if that will actually be the end of it. Like can't function sick. Food sounds absolutely horrible but he's constantly bickering at me to eat while he goes grocery shopping and doesn't get anything for me to snack on only freezer dinner meals that take 75 minutes to cook... Thanks for nothing! Not to mention that my three year old has had the flu and so I'm caring for her (barely). He gets home and I pull myself together and make dinner and he complains that I have collected my clean laundry on an arm chair in our bedroom. He says that the arm chair is in his vision but the fact that he just piles up clothes in his closet is completely different. He's constantly yelling at my sick daughter as if it's going to do anything other than make her cry and be more sick.
I'm so fed up with his constant need to bicker with me. I'm truly regretting this pregnancy as I was perfectly happy with just the three of us. I hate being sick and not capable of being how I was with my daughter and it's tearing my marriage apart.