Q&A for Rhea

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Due to a recent onslaught of questions on another post, I figured it'd be more prudent to redirect those inquiries here, in their own post. I'm answering the ones I've already been asked here, feel free to ask more in the comments section and I'll reply there (kinda wishing we didn't have limited reply space lol). 
Q: Why is your SO dying? 
A: The simple answer is that he has a heart condition - it beats too quickly. The doctors said he wouldn't live to see 30 (I met him when he was 30), and he's 32 now. He's gotten significantly worse as the years have gone by. It's pretty terrible. I'm basically watching him die slowly and painfully. However, I knew what I was getting in to when I decided to be with him. We make the best of it by joking about it ^__^; 
Q: When did you start being a Witch? 
A: Just about anyone you ask this to will tell you that they always were one - and they just didn't know it. I guess that was the case with me as well. I was raised Mormon and always felt there was something else out thee for me, however, I never thought it would have been The Craft! Mainly because I didn't think Witches actually existed xD; but when I met my SO, I asked him that religion me was (I enjoy studying religions in my spare time), and he told me he was a Witch. I knew right then and there that I wanted to be involved in that. And that was a little over two years ago. He initiated me as a Dedicant this past February :) 
Q: Is being a Witch the same as being Wicca? 
A: This depends on who you ask. The short answer in my belief is "no". All Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccans. When I say I'm a Witch, I mean that I practice the Old Religion - the belief system that predates Christianity. Wicca is very new-age and was recreated from The Craft in the early 1900's. So in that sense, they are not the same. Again, this answer depends on who you ask - but what I've stated here are the facts - the core differences. It all gets pretty confusing during debates, so you can do what you want with the info I've given :P 
Q: How does your SO split time between you and his other partner?
A: She doesn't live with us, so he sees her on Mondays, and then he and I have date day on Tuesday. Occasionally he'll also see her on Fridays for a few hours, but she has an unpaid job with her mom and likes to party and be with friends, so usually she won't give that up to see him more than once a week. 
Q: Do you have other partners? 
A: I'm monogamous by nature - meaning I don't have it in me to be in love with more than one person at a time. Unfortunately, due to my SO's illness, he's no longer able to have sex on a regular (or even semi regular) basis. And I have a high libido. Sooo since he has another girlfriend, we agreed that I should have someone on the side - this also takes care of my libido. Or it would, but my fwb recently moved to another state for work :/ so we only see each other for about a week once every few months. He's fully aware of everything, too :) 
Q: (in response to how bitchy my SO's other girlfriend is towards me) Does she not know how witty you are? 
A: She does. She hates me because I'm the exact opposite of her - this has been going on for two years, and everyone who knows about our relationship agrees that this is the reason. I'm kind to everyone, I'm fun, I make people laugh, I'm relaxed about things, and just about everyone I come in to contact with likes me. And she's . . . her personality is not ideal for most. Frankly, I'm surprised more people don't hate me because of how awesome I am <__<; but I've made myself this way (it's taken YEARS), and I'm happy with the way I am :) so it doesn't really bother me that she hates me because of it. 
And that was it for questions from that other post. As I said, feel free to ask questions in the comments section here. I may not be able to answer some things concerning The Craft either because I'm still new and wouldn't be able to answer well enough, or it's just not something I'm allowed to discuss with those not involved. Just a heads up on that. 
Obviously rude comments will be hidden yadda yadda. For the most part I'm an open book, and I'm pretty flattered by any inquiries ^__^; this is pretty weird for me lol