help please

Ok so i need help I'm so confused. Last night I went threw my husbands phone I never really go threw it but I did last night. I went to camera roll and discovered pictures inappropriate pictures of girls from his work.  it's cherry season so there's a lot of minors girls working at his job this time of year. I was hurt and very upset and shocked at what I was seeing. there was over 90 pictures of girls they all looked under age and the pictures seemed to be taken without them being aware. I confronted him about it & his response was what pictures what are you talking about and swears he doesn't know how they got on his phone. At one point he said you can think what ever you want & walked away. So I followed him and asked him for an explanation. He said he doesn't know how they got there. Wasn't freaking out or anything. I find that weird wouldn't you be in shock trying to think how they got there If you claim you didn't take them. The pictures were taken around 12:45-2:00
I remember specifically calling him around 1:03 and he sent me a text he couldn't talk he was in a meeting. But those pictures were taken around the time he was supposed to be in a meeting he says he had left his phone up in his office at one point charging and swore he didn't know how those pictures got on there. But if his phone was up charging in his office and he was in a meeting how did he text me to let me know he was in a meeting. So he said he charged his phone twice yesterday one in the morning and one later in the afternoon. After I told Him i had evidence I had screenshots of the pictures and sent them all to my self. I told him to come clean or I would go to his job and let them know what he did & he would be in serious trouble and could even loose his family and job. those girls are minors & that is wrong I was so upset. Told him I'm done with him he's a sick pervert & I was going to turn him in to the police. Well he swore up and down that he has no idea how those pictures got there someone must hate him and could have air dropped those pictures on his phone or by accident. But also what if his co-workers are perves & they send each other pictures. I don't know what to think. He didn't seem upset? I understand I was the one upset and he was after me trying to calm me down but I don't get it things don't add up. I was so mad crying feeling betrayed but thinking about how wrong that was bcs there young girls & we have all daughters & my step daughter is 13 how would he like it if someone did that to his daughter. how could he. He was trying really hard to calm me down and keeps saying I'm blowing this out of porportion. I told him no I wasn't this is serious those are young girls he fucked up and I was going to the police he said to calm down listen to myself. That he loves me he would never do something that would risk him losing his family and job. and that I have to believe him. I told him to prove it to me then to take me to his job and let me talk to the ppl to make sure he was at the meeting when those pictures were taken. But he said he can't do all that he will be risking his job. And make him look bad they wouldn't believe him those pictures are on his phone so no one would believe him. He says he didn't take those pictures but deleted them from his phone right away he even snatched my phone from me and deleted all of them too. I only have one that I sent to my email. I told him if he didn't have anything to hide why did he do that and he said bcs I'm blowing this up and I'm going to get him fired. I told him how that's the only thing he was worried about not how o felt just worried he was going to loose his job. If it wasn't him then find a way and prove to me it wasn't him. to find who took those pictures. I don't know part of me doesn't believe him and I saw the worried face he had when I told him he fucked up and I was going to his work and turning him in. But I don't know if he's really being honest or not. He swore to me up and down it wasn't him that took them that I need to please trust him. But why did he delete the pictures i had on my phone too. I told him lets go to your job & report it & find the person who did it and make them responsible. He said to let him take care of it. And for me to trust him and he's going to take care of it. I really don't know what to believe we had been arguing so much the last couple weeks about random stuff but nothing ever like this he's never cheated on me he is a good dad and husband we have our ups and downs but I can say we've had more ups and nothing ever like this. One time I did find a thumper account he had of naked girls and it broke my heart that was the only other time we had a big fight but I've never Hurd or found anything else that would put strain in our marriage. The only issue is he works a lot so we had been arguing a lot bcs we don't spend enough family time and stuff like that but we had both decided to start over & work on our marriage and he would make more time for us. We were doing so good he had even just surprised me on Monday with a bouquet of roses & an I watch telling me how much he loves me and wanted us to start over. and now this! I'm torn and don't know what to do! What do you guy think is there such thing as air drop. Is it possible for someone to add the picture on your phone with out you knowing.
I think Bluetooth needs to be on and how would someone turn it on if he has a lock. I'm not stupid. I want to believe him but I'm just so upset I can't.