What would you do?

I'm 33 weeks 3 days and at my last appt this past Thursday they told me my cervix was 50% effaced but I was only dilated a fingertip. I'm having consistent contractions all throughout each day and cramping as well. 
One of my two partnering midwives says I need bedrest due to the cervix changing this early on, (I'm a primary teacher and I'm up and down and on my feet busy all day) so I made arrangements at work to be gone. The next  day I call to follow up (as per their request to see if I felt better relaxing with my feet up and if contractions had slowed down) and the other midwife was there. She says I'm okay to continue working and has no concerns. Now I'm confused with such varying requests from my 2 midwives. What would you do? I don't want to go into premature labor but I also do to want to be gone from work if I don't need to be. Suggestions welcome, please!