Scared.. infertility at age 16??

Hello, so I had my period when I was 10. I never really had bad cramps, they were moderate, but did progressively get worse as I got older.  I thought they were to the point where they couldn't get any worse. I was wrong, I was 13 when I thought this. They started becoming very severe  at age 15. I started having them to the point where I would shake uncontrollably and vomit, diarirah, and so much pain it was unbearable medicine didn't even help. The only thing to alleviate even the slightest bit of pain was to lay down, otherwise I would just vomit. Is this normal? Do you think endometriosis could be possible? I heard this disease also causes ( can cause ) infertility. Please help I can't stand knowing I will have to live on this much pain