Surprise March Baby!!

emily • me 38 :: DH 40 :: DS 2 :: TTC #2
Our little love Will decided he wanted to join the party at 37+4. Last Friday was the combination of the full "super" moon and eclipse and I told my husband before bed I hope it wouldn't make my water break. He laughed and said "you still have a few more weeks."  Just about an hour later, my water broke!  I labored for about 12 hours, dilated to 6cm and decided it was time to get an epidural. Unfortunately over the next 3-4 hours I didn't dilate past 6cm and baby's head wasn't fully engaged, so we ended up doing a c-section. The first 24 hours after the c-section were rough... I was very sick from the anesthesia and narcotics, and baby and I have different blood types so he got mildly jaundice and had to have light therapy. But after the second day, I was feeling much better and his treatment was done and we were finally able to cuddle and bond.  We're now home, happy and healthy!!