Cheating, lying SO.... Advice please kind of long

My ex and I was dating for a while, 6mths before I got pregnant, this pregnancy wasn't planned, I was on the pill, and got pregnant. I told him the same day, within the hour of me finding out that I was pregnant, and that was in late November. When I told him, he was very upset, and kind of distance himself from me, and told me to get an abortion. He stopped talking to me the middle of December, and finally broke up with me Jan 1, and I told him I was keeping the baby, regardless of him. After about two weeks of us being broken up, and us not talking, he text me. He started showing an interest in the baby, and we kept it about the baby for about a week or so, and then he came over and we had sex. We began seeing each other more, and talking about more things then just the baby, and things were seeming like we were working things out, and I was falling further in love with him. The day before valentines we found out it was a girl, and he was so excited, and we spent the night together, and had a great evening. On valentines he said he had to work, and it didn't seem right, because he kept changing the time he had to be there, so he left, and that night until the next afternoon he had his phone off, and I didn't believe his story about being at work, and the phone dying, but I let it go. A day later I found a receipt for flowers, and bank account. I asked him, he said he bought his supervisor flowers, I knew that was a lie. On the 18th was his birthday, and his "ex" sent him a gift saying she love him, and he's more then her man, he's her bestfriend. I asked him about it, he made up some excuse like he didn't know why she wrote that. We argued, we didn't talk for a few days, and he text sorry. We went to Vegas on the 27th, and I went through his phone, after he held it up to show me a picture, and a text came through, that "ex" who sent him the gift said she wanted to cuddle, and saw he was talking to three other females. I questioned him, he explained it away, and said he wasn't having sex with any of them, but I shouldn't care, because we're not together he even told one of the girls I wasn't pregnant, especially by him. We came back home, we didn't talk for a few days, or have sex, and eventually he started back coming around again, having sex again, and talking again. This past weekend I drove by his house, at 10pm, and the girl he was with on Valentine's was at his house, he said he didn't know who car it was. So Monday I went to the girl job, and I found out that they've been having sex, talking about moving together, and she spends time with him, and his son, and they've only been together for two months. I was so hurt, because he's been lying to me this whole time, and having sex with me and this other girl, and I'm 5mths pregnant. His defense is that we were not together, but he made it seem that way, and now I hate the person he is. He said he don't owe me anything, because I shouldn't have went through his phone. He never wanted the baby, and I don't know how to go on with him being apart of my life, or most important my daughters life, when he's already not claiming her, and no one, not his sister, his friends, no one knows I'm pregnant by him. I don't know what to do 😔 Any advice on how you all may have went on with co parenting, after your SO was caught lying, cheating, or even denying your baby. I could really use it.