Need help

Have been married for almost 5 years now . The problem lies with the husband family. From the time I got married the mother and sister in law always treat me like an option. We stay in the same state. So whenever it's about visiting or going for a holiday together with Frds , it's always mentioned in a way that they want my husband to come and my name is never mentioned . It's like they always take his name that we shud all go out but never mine . I still end up going for these outing but always feel like shit inside as if I do t have my self respect . My husband doesn't understand this and says its jus in ur mind. And forces me to come. He is not ready to go alone . I hate putting my self respect Down and going for these get togethers. And at the same time his family is so diplomatic that it feels like I'm thinking the other way and they r jus really nice ppl. How do I handle this ??