Receptionist and I's convo

Michelle • Married and first time mommy!
My doctor made a referral for another ultrasound because they didn't get good angles of my daughter's heart. My doctor said when I call and make an appointment to tell them it's just for the face, heart and arms. I did as said but asked the lady on the phone if it was possible if I could just get another look to see if I'm having a girl for sure. Then the conversation went like this. 
Receptionist: Last time you came did they say you were having a girl? 
Me: Yes. 
Receptionist: Theeeeeeeeeen I'm pretty sure it's still a girl. 
Me: Do you want to see all these post on this pregnancy app of these girl's baby's gender changing? I just want to make sure. 
My MIL and husband laughed so hard with how I said it. I wasn't rude or being nasty I just said it so innocently that everyone cracked up.