Big milestones

Lindsay • 3 miscarriage, no babies yet. Pregnant and due 9/23/15. Praying for my rainbow.
I was 14 weeks yesterday which was a huge milestone for me!  After 3 miscarriages this is the furthest I have ever been!  
So, today I told my boss and my direct coworker (who will back me up while I am out on maternity leave).  Both were super excited and supportive! I think now that we are starting to tell people it is feeling real, and I am starting to feel excited!  I am happy because I am getting to the point where I think it is noticeable and hard to hide!
Next weekend (Easter) we are going to tell both sets of parents.  I know it is backwards to tell work and then parents after work ppl, but they live out of town and we wanted to do it over a holiday if possible.
What milestones or big pregnancy to-do's did you accomplish this week?