My birth story is truly amazing

My birth story is truly amazing! I'm so thankful my little boy is here safe and sound. The Lord kept me this whole pregnancy . Me and my fiancé had a small bump in the road but we got through it together with the help of God. My little boy is here now👶 he was born March 25,2015, weighed 6lbs12ozs , 22 inches long, and as healthy as can be. Wednesday morning around 1:30 am I couldn't sleep got so restless and started experiencing contractions all the way till 4pm. My mom took me cause I wanted to wait it out to see if it would go away. Sure enough when I got here I was in labor already experiencing contractions 2-3 mins apart. Moved me from the triage to my room. By 6 I had received my epidural, calmed me down a lot by the time I had my epidural I was already dilated 6cm . I was so nervous cause the doctor and nurse that were taking care of me were leaving at 10 and we had all kept making jokes about baby getting here before 10😂 soon around 9:30 nurse comes to check me tells me we are gonna try some exercises & so around 9:50 the doctor checks me and I am fully dilated . By 9:54 I was pushing and by my fourth contraction babies head was hear and baby was born at 10:14 pm 😊 crazy because I thought I was gonna be worse then the shows and movies. Turns out I didn't pee or poop myself, I didn't rip it was truly a beautiful thing . My little boy is here I'm able to breast feed and he's beautiful and just an extreme blessing for my fiancé and I. Thanking the Lord 110% and more!