Help :(

moll • ▫18 years young.. in the UK....❤ freelance MUA.

Hey ladies wandering if anyone has been through the same type of thing.. I'm 18 and my periods come every other week so 1week on 1week off .. and lasting 7 days each time with spotting for about 1-2 days before. It's been like this for 5 months now.. before this I had fairly regular monthly periods.

My last period began 14th of march very light compared to what they have been and no spotting lasted 5 days compared to the usual 7 ..

This week however I've had period like cramps for 4 days on/off and bloating n little nausea sometimes I can swair my periods gna start but it doesn't.. is this my periods regulating or could it be pregnancy? I don't even know when to test because of how irregular my periods are n I'm scared to find out and I don't want to get a false negative just to find out I actually am -.- ...

my nipples have gone funny like tingly.. I feel more energetic but yesterday I slept all day I really wanted spicy food last night (not like me) ..what do yous think?

Am I just being paranoid?