So I know a lot of people complain about periods. However, I went from being very irregular ever since I started my period to finally going to the doctor after 5 years after my daughter being born. I found out I have endometriosis and PCOS. I'm ok with this at least I know what's going on. I was put on a birth control pill that worked for me. My cycle was finally normal I knew what day I would start. Then my doctor changed my pill to another one because the one I was on put me at a higher risk for stroke because of the type of migraines I have. Then I skipped a month I was like ok it's just the change. Now this month I had what I think is a period but not sure because it was mostly old blood and blood discharge. And then today me and the SO decided to go camping.

OK when we go camping it's in the middle of no where with no water or electric no bathroom anywhere around. So we get everything set up and I went to go pee and out of no where with no warning like o normally have I start bleeding again.

Sorry for this being so long I just needed to vent. Because the rest of the weekend is going to be very difficult.