Im late please help 😒

I'm late the last time I got my period was Feb 3 and I havent got mine for march yet I told two test negative

But here is what I've been feeling lately

1 I feel very nausea

2 I'm extremely tired I feel like I never get anoff sleep and I really go in a deep sleep and been having off the wall dreams

3 lower back pain a lot exspciall when sleeping

4 I feel always hungery and I feel the need for sweet or a sour stuff

5) my hair seams wird and shinny

6) my finger nails seam to really be growing

7 I had some stumic and upper leg cramping

8 my pants seam a little tight

9 I seam very forget full more then usely

10 I just feel very off

11 head ache all the time

There might be more but any ways do you think I'm too early to test again or what should I do? Please help thanks