Mixed signals

Saneisha • History and Pastel lover
There is a guy in my life that confusing me. We meet up asking for another chance and to be friends because we were dating at one. He is kissing on me and caressing me but I was dating someone else but we broke up  because of some baggage from the guy I just talked about. But days later before he went back to the state he lives, I asked him do you want to continue talking and he flips out on me saying I have someone but I told him I broke with the other guy. But now I want to end our so called friendship but he won't talk. I been calling and texting to talk to end things  even after I said I was tired of being ignored in our relationship where I felt taken advantage of. He makes me feel confused , crazy , unappreciated but he contacted me after some months and said give me another chance. We always make up and break up and I can't talk to him about the issues but I want to end it for good and he won't talk to me. What shall I do and am I crazy? Please I need advise!!!