This is just life now and it blows. TMI post.


Before having my daughter (keep in mind she is 4 years old now, almost 5) you could set your watch by my period. Start to end it was always the same, cookie cutter as it could ever be. I never had cramps and hell, I was somehow even more kind and sweet to everyone. Never felt sick, the only negative was that I bled for 5 days snd it wad never that bad.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I had my daughter and it all changed. I breastfed so i didn't get a period for almost 8 months or so. When my first period came it was weird. Filled with cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. Sometimes it was heavy, sometimes not. Never on time, sometimes late, sometimes early. I could never tell when unless I got sudden achy breasts or a pimple or two...

I then got on the Depo shot for a year. I bled for a solid year straight. Boyfriend got a vasectomy so I stopped the Depo.

Now I am miserable.... I now have random periods, but now I am drowning. I literally feel as though i am drowning. The first few-24hours tend to be light, but it always ends in disaster. Soaking through the largest tampons I can buy while filling heavy pads at the SAME TIME. There are days I have to change out my giant tampons every 2-3 hours because I am bleeding out so bad i have soaked my pad but it no longer can absorb anymore so I am swimming in my own fluids..... There are days when I sit down on the toilet to pull out my tampon to change it and it literally sounds like I am peeing because of how much bloody is coming out of my vagina---With the tampon still in! I get so sick, my breasts hurt (which are already a problem since I hover between F-G cupsize), my back is killing me, I break out on my face soooo bad now, but my skin is so dry I peel for days before my period is scheduled to hit. I have now become Satan himself. I am cranky and moody and hate everyone and everything. I hate every bit of being a woman for at least 7 days out of the month now. I feel disgusting, unclean(even though I shower everyday and during this more than once a day), and it makes me feel even less sexy than I already am.

Jeans and panties are ruined faster than I can wash and save them.

Rant over. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I am going to go cry in the dark now.