my experience with body shaming

People can go on and on about how skinny shaming is not a real problem, but I'm here to tell you that it is. It is as real as fat shaming or any other form of body shaming. My entire life I have been told that I am too skinny. People have 'diagnosed' me with every eating disorder you can think of. I've had a rumor started falsely calling me bulimic, and my aunt even convinced my family that I was anorexic. Eventually, I begun to hate myself. I desperately wanted to gain weight. Everyone was right, I was too skinny. Nobody thought I ate, so why should I? I wasn't gaining any weight from eating, so what was the point.  This way of thinking lead me to developing an eating disorder where I unconsciously starved myself by skipping meals, hardly eating, or eating extremely unhealthily when I did eat. 
I am thankfully over that now, thanks to my wonderful parents. However, I still have an extremely high metabolism, have a very difficult time gaining weight, and am still thin. I'm currently 15, and the body shaming I faced has probably gotten worse. Constantly, I am told that I have no tits, ass, or curves. Even the ones who I call my best friends have started to comment on my figure. I am honestly so fed up with skinny shaming, and body shaming in general. I was in a very dark place and working hard to get where I am today, and all you can tell me is that my boobs are too small?! I don't understand women/men that claim to be against body shaming but will completely tear a girl down for being a size 2. We need to stop making 'ideal' body types a thing, and realize that as long as you have a body, it IS ideal.