Is he getting bored of me?


In my last relationship my ex withdrew until he broke up with me. It hurt me so much. And I don't know if that's making me unsure, or what.

So my now my boyfriend has been requesting more space. I was staying at his half each week but he asked instead if we can just go back to me staying over one or two nights at the weekend. He says his work is stressing him out but this weekend he said he needs space because he's ill and wants to be alone. So I won't have seen him for two weeks. Before when he was ill he didn't mind me being over.

So things were just getting serious, then this happens. He's a sincere guy and truly believe he still loves me but I do know how he is with others. He struggles to maintain family/friend relationships because he finds it a bother. I worry he will become that way with me.

I don't want to paint him in a bad light because he's a really decent gentleman who looks after me and the best guy I've dated yet. And I love him loads. But I wonder if he's getting bored of me now without realising it.

I worry too maybe things were going too quickly and he got anxious and decided to withdraw. Does this mean the relationship could potentially end? I hope not 😕

I'm just very sad at the possibility. Or maybe I am looking too much into it and blowing it up into a huge deal. Like I said I know he still loves me the same but love isn't always a deciding factor on whether to take the next step.