Need relationship advice :(

So...I've been dating a guy for about 2 years now. Last year we kinda had a crisis, he cheated, we stayed apart for a month, but we got back together, I forgave him and we've been working things out since then. He changed a lot and I can see our relationship is better than ever, but, I still have some issues regarding our relationship. Before the cheating event took place, he said he was uncomfortable with me taking or posting pictures of him/us, he wouldnt let me write on his fb when it was his birthday, we didnt celebrate any kind of anniversary or special dates. All of those were things that would have liked to do, and still want to! But I simply dont feel like it anymore. Because of his reaction to things like thes in the past. I am not dreaming about prince charming but, is it un natural of me to want to share my life with someone who will value and appreciate all of these little and "annoying" things with me? I love my boyfriend, and I truly am happy in many ways, but I feel like these details are missing. I dont know how to talk about this with him, I dont know if he would think it would be too much to ask or if he might think I am trying to "change" him by asking him to do things he wouldnt normally do. What would you do if you were in my place? Thanks!!!