Downsized my house -Freaking out!!!


So me any my family moved out of our house 2 months ago and it was big an average sized house for Edmond Oklahoma suburbs. We downsized A FREAKING LOT. I now have nowhere to escape to in the house I used to have this room I'd spend all my time in. Now all I have is my room with my thin walls. I literally can walk slowly around my whole house and it'd only take a couple seconds! I'm freaking out now because it just set in. I moved i moved out of a great house I've lived in for my whole entire childhood. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE?!?!! I'm now in a tiny house with a tiny back yard and a bigger bedroom but that's all I have to escape to! How am I going to survive in this house for the next 3 years!!! I thought I'd live this and I did for a month or so until I stopped unpacking and moving and doing all the stuff to district myself! Now I'm freaking out crying because I have to live in a house that is super tiny with my parents for 3 years and I'll get no privacy! I'm to embarrassed to invite anyone over now because it so small! Now we look poor and we're middle-upper Class! I don't want people to think low of me! I want the to be amazed every time they see my house for the first time like hey did at my old house!!! My life is now over! My reputation is gone! This house is everyone's first impression of me and it's small! I just moved to a new state so I have to meet new people and invite them over but how!! This is my first time downsizing and last move was moving into a much bigger house. I've never lived in a house this small! Ever! I've never even been to a house this size!