After having a horrible night for myself being left at my ex bf house for him to go out drinking and stay at another girls house, he showed up at about 10 this morning with a swollen busted lip, swollen bruised stomach, sore hip, no hearing and dirt all over his clothes. He doesn't remember a thing. I called the girl he was with and she said she can't remember when he got there but he fell off the bed and didn't wake up or budge and she couldn't get him to wake up. She said she has tile in her room but doesn't see how that could have done all that. He is finally asleep and you can tell he is in pain he wakes up and pukes every so often and the smell is horrendous and the color is only what I can compare to grape juice. I'm so worried especially since he's lost a good bit of hearing and his stomach is so swollen and blueish purple. Any ideas what could have happened? Only thing I can guess is a bar fight. Like I said he remembers nothing at all