Set to be induced.. nervous!!!!!


It was found that my water was low at 33 weeks at around 6.8 cm... after loads of rehydration and being on blood thinners for about 2 weeks I was at 9.09cm at 35 weeks and 9.31 at 37 week 5 days which was last Saturday.. also in my last Doppler the PI of the Umb artery came out to be 1.48 which is high and the US doc expressed his concern about carrying the baby till 40 weeks..

at my weekly appointment today, my OB noticed that the fluid has dropped again.. it's less than 8cm... it came down from 9.31 to 8 cm in 5 days which she thinks is a little steep... so she recommended that before it drops to 5cm or less by next week mid she should induce me... she recommended Sunday.. I will be 38 week 5 days and 39 week by Monday morning... the baby's head is still not engaged though it's lying low and downwards.. but my cervix is still closed...

I am now getting a little nervous.. she said it may take as long as 36-48 hours..

can someone share there induction story with me... good or bad... also how long did the whole process last... ??? Do most of inductions go into c sections???