My birth story.. Was due 7/15, she came 7/14💗

My due date was July 15th, but I was induced one day before! They broke my water and my contractions were ROUGH, it was awful. Shortly after, I got an epidural.. I was only 3cm when I got the epidural. 35 mins later I was at a 10!! I kept feeling unbelievable pressure with every contraction.. It felt like she was sliding right out. The nurses kept telling me it was normal and that they'd check me in an hour. Luckily my mom was an OB nurse for 23 years, and then taught nursing for 4 years. One of my nurses was her former student. My mom could tell that the pressure I was feeling was severe being that I had an epidural & it was overbearing the epidural. She told my nurse that she needed to check me so she finally agreed.. And I was CROWNING! They rushed to get everything ready and my midwife rushed over from her office. I pushed 15 mins and she was finally here!! I can't believe I went from 3cm to 10cm in 35 minutes! That epidural did wonders for me bc I was able to just relax and chill out and I progressed super fast. I had a super easy and healthy 2 1/2 hour labor and delivery. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long 💗