I think im pregnant 😍😍😍😩🤦🏽‍♀️


Ive been very tired lately 😴 ive had cramps randomly some days , also ive been nauseous i eat weird things like cheerios w yogurt i crave things w vinegar in them , my periods usually come on the 24-25 of every month , but in june i stared spotting on the 27th , i bleed fully on the 28th , then it was light again the 29-30th the 1st no blood and the second i bleed for a hour then my period was fully gone , usually my periods are 7 days straight heavy flow until the 6th day , ive been ttc since april . And also for this month of july , ive been experiencing the cramping sleeping for more than 14 hours , im very moody , and always hungry , also i have dark rings around my nipple . i have to wait 2 weeks til my period comes. What do you think ?