Doctor ruined my gender reveal

I got the blood test that tells you the gender of you baby. I really wanted to do a gender reveal party and my sister wanted to organise it she was so excited

So my sister and best friend organised my gender reveal party, the only thing I had to do was give them the letter which wrote the gender

Anyway I went to the doctors to collect the paper, and I told him specifically not to tell me what it wrote and that we were doing a gender reveal party

He prints my file AND SAYS OUT LOUDLY that it is a Female! He knew he did wrong but played it off like it was normal

Why...why did he have to do that? I was full of mixed emotions, I didn't yell at him, just asked for a copy and walked out. I sat in the car and started crying. Crying from happiness that it was a girl (I was expecting boy, but wanted girl) and crying because he just ruined the event

I kept it a secret because the gender reveal was tomorrow and my sister planned so much!

I gave the paper to her, acted like I didn't know what it was and she looked at it with my best friends in another room and I could hear them jumping up and down from excitement

The day comes and a few hours before the party my husband gets annoyed as he doesn't understand why we need to do a gender reveal, we fight in the room and I start crying, he made me regret even wanting a gender reveal so I shoved the paper in his face and said here you go. He didn't look at it and said he wants to ok at it together. I was so over everything so I just pretended I didnt know and we opened it together. He started crying from happiness, and I was crying because of everything. I told him when we pop the balloon we have to act like we are surprised.

We went downstairs everyone was excited all my little cousins were coming up to me sayings their predictions. And the time comes and we pop the balloon. Anddd I start crying again, I just told everyone it was from happiness. Everyone was happy

Now the reason I'm telling this is I couldn't keep it inside me, I hate lying or pretending. I don't think I'll ever tell them this story so I've kept my name anonymous.



Thanking all the supportive people who commented, it really does make me happy.

To all the people who didn't write nicely, I know it's hard to be positive towards people's situations but there's no need to act negative towards it :/