"I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel!!!" Funny to me


An acquaintance of mine somehow found out that my husband and I have been TTC for about two years and three months. (we have done one cycle of <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> and starting second) She told me that she knows exactly how I feel. I was thinking that maybe she had been through it. I knew that she was just a couple years older than me. I am 36. She has two adult kids and one that is 15. She tells me that her daughter is going through it now. She said that all her daughter's friends are all getting pregnant, and it's been very tough for her to be around them. She is not trying to get pregnant, but her friends are or are having babies. I asked her (knowing already) how old her daughter is. She told me that she is 21. In the best way possible I told her that it is a HUGE difference being 36 and TTC and being 21 and seeing your friends getting pregnant. I also nicely said that it is also a big difference between being the 36 year old TTC as opposed to the mom of a 21 year old in the described situation. She pretty much started arguing with me. I cut that short quickly. It wasn't worth arguing about. This whole thing just blew my mind. I did find it funny in a way. The stories you can experience in our TTC journeys. Do you have a story?