Long story, but help!!

Gabi • Band geek for CFA
So last night I told my mom I was going to watch a movie with my friend when really we were planning on staying in his truck and do "stuff". Well I get back there and he's just awkward period. We had planned on like getting in the back and kiss and fool around but when I get there he didn't do anything for an hour and 20 minutes!! I sat there frustrated and I wanted him so badly! Finally I said screw it and I jumped on him and started messing with him to get him to realize I wanted something before I had to leave. Well the last 20 minutes he got out and hugged me and sat on the door rim to level out my height. So we're sitting there, and I went to put my arms over his shoulders and when I did he, his hands went right at my lower back like where my jeans started. Well when I hugged him, and stayed there, he kept his hands there then started to move down into my pockets and started to sneeze my butt (and that's my biggest turn on). Then I felt his "friend" stick up and got hard af!! Then he laid back in his seat with me still hugging him and I'm wanting to kiss him so bad!! By this point he rose up and I started to talk in his ear about not wanting to make the first move so then I felt his head go back, (which I know means he's gonna kiss me) and I faced him and I started talking to him and we were really close like almost touching noses, and he was staring at my lips! And then he started coming towards me and then we kissed, which led to a little makeout and I was so happy!! He started rubbing my thigh but had to leave like right after.😩 Did he want me or not?? I'm so confused by it all!