Hey ladies, anyone's relationship in a funny spot atm? 😁

Hayley β€’ ~IT'S A GIRL!! πŸ’•baby # 2 due May/June 2019~ πŸ’™William Jack 17-08-17 πŸ’™

Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat, feels like being super pregnant + no sex + stress of having a baby soon has made things a bit funny in our relationship 😁 we do argue occasionally and it's gotten worse than our pre pregnancy arguments and I think it's causing a strain on us... if you've had a baby before and went through this did things settle down after the birth? We've always been solid and I know I'm with a good person it's just difficult to see sometimes with the stress. I'm struggling to feel close to him as we aren't having sex atm (his choice) and spend our days doing different things. ATM I feel like we're more housemates than partners 😒