Jealous kitty


I have 3 cats. I have the mom, who is 3 legged. And I have 2/6 of her kittens. They all used to be fantastic loving cats. But ever since I brought my son (2 months) home, the kitten that was most attached to me has been very jealous. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal. However, he's been pooping on the carpet RIGHT OUTSIDE THE LITTER BOX. This wouldn't bother me if I lived in a house that I owned but we're renting. So I kind of can't afford to constantly carpet clean and lose the security deposit because of it. Also, when I have Aiden (baby) in my lap Anakin(cat) will try to cuddle with us but he does do by trying to walk all over Aiden. And I can't let that happen because of his fragile bones/body and possible suffocation hazards. Plus, he's only done this a few times, if I put Aiden in his swing and walk away for a few seconds and he gets fussy like kicking his feet, Anakin will play with his feet. At first it wasn't bad because my cats are front paws declawed so no big deal that he bats at his feet but then he started to try to bite them and he got them one day and Aiden started screaming because it hurt.

I'm torn. πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I love my Ani but I can't afford to clean up after him every day and I don't want him to hurt Aiden. When I was pregnant he'd cuddle with the bump everyday even when Aiden was kicking. Now he tries to cuddle with us and when he's not walking on Aiden I let him. I wanna believe that when Aiden gets older Ani will be his kitty and be best friends. But I'm also scared of what could happen if I walk away for a minute too long.

Suggestions?? I hate even the thought of getting rid of him but I just don't know what else I could do.