Dr offering C-Section in 2 weeks if I've not delivered by then.

I'm 37 weeks. Went for my checkup today. Been having contractions daily for hours at a time, but never close enough to go to the hospital. This is my second term pregnancy. I actually had my daughter at 37 weeks, my water broke at 36+6. I had to have an emergency C-Section after 22 1/2 hours of labor and an hour of pushing. Her heart rate kept dropping, turned out the umbilical cord was around her neck. Anyway, I'm wanting a VBAC with this one, my Dr is okay with it. When I went in today, it was the second appt in a row that my BP has gone up, and there are no cervical changes.( I had Pre-e with my daughter.) He said that if my cervix shows no signs of changing and my BP is still elevated, he's going to suggest another C-Section. I have been crying all day. I will do what's best for my baby, no matter if that means a CS or not, but I'm still feeling rather heartbroken. Giving birth the first time was very traumatic. I just really want a VBAC. I've been using a birthing ball to try to get her to move down and Evening Primrose Oil to help when and if I actually go into labor. Any suggestions from you ladies? I'm not trying to send myself into labor yet, I have a couple of weeks, and I'm fully aware that it will happen when it happens. Just support and or advice I guess.