Questions about Teen Pregnancy

I am on birth control (Lomedia 24 Fe). I have been on this for months. Today is April 2, and I am 12 days into my pill pack as of today. 
I am 16, my boyfriend and I have been dating over a year. We have never had sex, we always did "other things" because we believed in no sex until marriage but we didn't stay true to that about 2 weeks ago. Since then we have had unprotected sex three times. He didn't finish during it, but he got close one time and did pull-out, and that was 6 days ago. 
We knew we shouldn't have done it. Now I am experiencing slight pregnancy symptoms but I'm not sure if they're really prgnancy symptoms or symptoms of other things I have. The first thing is white, thick discharge that just started today. I usually have different amounts of different discharges through my cycle but I have never seen this before. My boobs were hurting the other day but this has not persisted and it happens every once in a while anyways. I had a few minuscule strings of blood two days ago, they were dark brown/black and looked like it was possibly just old blood though? Or maybe just some funky discharge? Now for the really confusing part. 
I was diagnosed with C. Diff., an intestinal bacteria that relay wreaks havoc on your stomach. I consistently get stomach cramps, gas, upset stomach, constipation and diarrhea. I was treated for it but I don't think it worked all the way. The problem with this is that it is difficult to differentiate between period (or baby) cramps and my intestines being attacked by this thing. I'm really worried, maybe I shouldn't be, maybe I should be. 
My boyfriend and I are going to go to planned parenthood this Saturday to see what our options are. 
My questions: 
Should I take a pregnancy test? How early are they sc rate? Are they accurate even if I am on birth control? Should I continue taking birth control? Do I have enough symptoms to be worried about this?