Hubby "not ready" for kids yet..


My husband wants and loves kids, but always tells me that he's not ready for kids yet. He has anxiety so I'm sure he always thinks to himself we should have more money saved, we should buy a house first etc.. it is true that we want to buy a house, but I feel that I really want to try to have a kid now. Did any of you have a child before switching from renting to buying?

Also, I stopped taking my birth control (without us talking about it) and he always pulls out and can tell when he precums and pulls out. Has any of you got pregnant using the pull out method? I know this is really terrible, but I am really hoping I do. I'd feel so much better if he would just be ok with getting pregnant now.

Am I the only one that gets obsessed about having a kid even though my hubby "isn't ready". 😕