Heartbreak advice

Megan • 24 YO nursing student, work as a pediatric home health CNA aspiring to be a nurse midwife or pediatric or L&D nurse.
I was so in love w my boyfriend like I never knew love before. a connection so deep down to my very soul. He was too but he never knew how to show it. After 2 1/2 years I let him go bc I could no longer hurt from the emotional abuse I felt with him and the lack of intimacy. But now after I left him he wants me back. He can't imagine a life without me in it. He called and said he can't sleep or eat he keeps bringing me flowers, and wrote me a letter. My heart is breaking more bc this man loves me so much but it's too late. How can I move past this I don't want it to take this long. I cry deeply almost every day and sit staring at the window thinking about every little detail of him. In bed I miss the warmth and comfort of his body next to me. I miss him so much. What can I do.