Fake friend?

So I had this friend who I noticed that after every guy who breaks up with her she claims she's pregnant. Her last boyfriend who's my boyfriends brother broke up with her and a week later sent me and him a positive test.. 1. She had her period a couple days ago and 2. I noticed that was not her nails. She's done this to 4 guys already. Am I the only one who seriously thinks this is wrong and selfish? Like here some people are struggling to get pregnant and going through miscarriages and even still born or babies born to early. Who in their right mind thinks playing with pregnancy is okay? It's really upsetting me and I called her out yesterday and she still kept trying to convince me but it was the same pic she sent her ex. It's not her and she can't be pregnant with a positive result after a few days from your period! I'm sorry I'm just really upset about this